Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bluebonnet Trail

We took a drive and went on the Bluebonnet Trail last weekend. There's something about seeing a sea of blue wildflowers that makes me so happy.
They are so pretty close-up
and along the edges of fences.
Indian paintbrush also gets in on the action. What a pretty color combination.
Got to see lots of these-

and these cute little babies.
Went for lunch and antiquing in the town of Waxahachie. It has a beautiful historic courthouse on the square, surrounded by antique stores, shops and restaurants.
On our drive in the country I saw this old fixer that needs alot of love. Look at that beautiful brick work and stained glass windows. I'm a sucker for an arched front door. Swoon!
Also saw this house on Main Street in Waxahachie for sale. It's on an acre plus of land. Farmhouse style-right down the street from the historic library and square. I could see myself in this wonderful house. What about you?
 Here's the listing if anyone is interested-Listing on  What fun fixer upper project this would be!

We had a fun day and it was nice to get out there in the wonderful weather. We are kind of rained in this week. Hope your week is going great!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More Backyard Progress

This is where we started. Hubby dug out the grass and it sat all through the summer and fall and winter. 
We finally got to finishing the flagstone patio and walkway.
 Here is the view from the old patio. Our yard is super small. We had to find some way to add some interest where there was nothing before. We added the arched trellis and pathway along the back of the house.
 We did this a year ago. It was just a slab to begin with.This is in progress, not quite finished yet.
 Added the curtain panels made from drop cloth to block out the late afternoon sun.
 We made a little water feature out of my old red pump that I've been saving for about 25 years. The water trickles into a galvanized bucket. Love the sound.
 The pergola makes the old plain slab feel more like an outdoor room. It was a very fun project. I'm really lucky-I do the design and make all the lists and Hubby and I do the construction. Well-he does most of it with my assistance.
 We bought this little trellis kit off of Craigs list last year and it sat unbuilt in the garage for a year, Finally put it together this spring and stained it.
 View of the pergola top.
 This is what I was spry painting last week. A thrift store find. Comfy chairs.
 A little seating area-remember the patio is pretty small.
 Here's looking towards the trellis.

 I planted a clematis at the base and I hope it climbs up and around.
 Here's looking back.
 We did this project in 2 phases-pergola last spring, flagstone this spring.
I'm so happy it's mostly finished. I need to plant a few pots of flowers, but we have been eating outside and enjoying our new space. It's really pretty at night with the little bulbs all lit up and hanging. What have you been up to in your garden? Or are you still having cold weather? I hope you can get out there and enjoy some spring weather.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I'm In the Garden

Here's some progress in the back yard. We've been adding to the garden every year since we moved in. Here's a before of one corner as we were digging out the grass.
 This was after I planted 2 little rose bushes.
 We replaced the fence, so the vine was cut way back (I'm hoping it will come back). We added 2 crepe myrtles and lambs ears. The shasta daisies are getting ready to bloom soon. Wow, I almost sound like a gardener! I'm going to have Hubby cut a hole in the ice cream chair seat to hold the pot of purslane.
 Here's the opposite corner. 2 more rose bushes.
 This was this morning. The jasmine has really filled in. The rose bushes are getting huge. More lambs ears-I had to rip some out as it was starting to grow over onto the lawn.
 We have bordered in all of the beds with a brick border. I  am spray painting patio furniture this week.
 Here's a close up of the red tip photinias right now.
 This is so pretty, because the stem of the shoot is bright purple.
 I'll share the patio next week, if I get the furniture finished. I've also made some banners that will be listed in my Etsy shop soon. Love the vintage prints.
We're getting ready to go see the bluebonnets next week. I can't wait. Spring is going fast, and it's warming up more here. Soon we'll be talking about summer.
Hope you are enjoying your spring!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Home is Where You Hang Your Hat

We went to First Monday Trade Days in Canton a few weeks ago. I hadn't been in a few years, Some things had changed, but some were exactly the way I remember them. If you've never heard of it , it's a huge flea market that's been going on since the 1850's. It's over 100 acres. I bought a few little things, some which I'll share later. I found this cool piece of molding and these rusty hooks. 
I needed a little hat rack by our front door. Front door is to the left. The double door goes into the office. The carved piece above the door was from a garage sale headboard piece that I painted. I added the antique milkglass doorknobs and escutcheons when we moved here.
So I just put the hooks on the molding and made my own hatrack.

 We've been busy, doing outside projects. I stained our fence. I'm not sure what possessed me to do this, but it took alot longer then I thought it would. I felt like Tom Sawyer, but ended up doing it by myself. We added the birdhouse trio.
 Everything is blooming already. The photinia wall next to our pergola is beautiful covered in lacy white flowers.
 I have been planting our pots and annuals.
 I have sweet potato vine growing with the gerbera daisies. Hope they do well in our hot Texas summer..
 This was Bowie the other day. He's saying"Who me?"
" I haven't torn up any paper napkins, nope it wasn't me."
Just had to share. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Little Herb Garden

We've been up to ears with projects. This is a little hint of one. The weather has been mostly nice, so all of the projects have been in our little backyard. I'll share more as we progress, if my back holds out.
 One fun and finished project. Recycled big popsicle sticks, chalkboard paint and chalk marker.
 I've had this old wagon for years. I found 2 window box liners that fit inside perfectly. I drilled holes in the bottom of the liners and the wagon for drainage.
 Added potting soil and planted the herbs.
 If they don't do well here, I can always pull the wagon to a better location in the yard.
 A little Easter garland on the fireplace. I haven't done much Easter decorating. I think we've been too busy focusing on the outside.
Hopefully we'll finish up a few projects this week. Be back later to share my progress. Have a good week!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Springtime Blues and Greens

Welcome to Brookhollow Lane and my spring decor. I'm joining the Bluebonnet Blog Hop. Hop on over to the other blogs to see what spring things other Texas bloggers are up to.  
If you haven't been here before my style is vintage, flea market, and thrift store with a little farmhouse and cottage thrown in.

 In the kitchen, here's the hutch decorated in spring colors. Hanging on the pull is my vintage Vera tea towel from my mom.
Here's a reminder of my inspiration for the kitchen and family room.

 I used my jadite and added a few splashes of aqua.
 The turquoise salt and pepper shakers were made in Japan and were also my Mom's.
 You can see the vintage table cloth folded in the Pyrex bowl. Many items in the hutch (including the hutch) were found at garage sales or thrift stores.
 I made new seat covers from the polka dot fabric from Hobby Lobby. Here you can see from the breakfast nook right into the family room. That is why I have to tie the colors in.
 A few throw pillows on the window seat.
 I also made simple window toppers out of the same fabric.
 Throw in some blue and green straws in the kitchen.
 Here's my little entryway table. I tried to keep it super simple.
 I'll probably bring out some Easter decorations next week.
      What says spring more then birds and nests?

I added some very pale pillows to the living room, just to bring in a little color of spring.
Here's a view to the dining hutch. These were my Mom's dining table and chairs. I painted and antiqued them to fit my look.

If you missed my Bluebonnet inspired family room, check it out HERE. Thanks for coming over to Brookhollow Lane for my spring tour. Have fun at the Bluebonnet Blog Hop. I hope y'all come back. Have a wonderful week!